Friday, April 9, 2010

The Craftmaster

In a world where wealth and social status are everything, Tomlan Kor has little chance of ever making a difference. Then his talents are discovered by the Crafter's Guild, and he is taken from his family and thrown into a world of wealth and privilege, centered on his ability to create magical objects.
Tom soon learns that privilege comes at a high price, and he must fight corruption and lies at every corner while struggling to maintain his own humanity. But Tom will have to rise above the plots and intrigues to face the man responsible not only for the death of his family, but decades of cruelty hiding behind a mask of power.

Please let me know what you think. Also, it shouldn't be too long before Valor has me up on their website, so feel free to check in on that as well. Happy writing and reading, everyone!


  1. I like it! Is there another word you could use instead of the second "wealth." It might sound repetitive. I also re-read the last sentence a couple times wondering if it read like you wanted it to. And possibly an "also" after the "but" might be something to add. So it would read "...but also decades..." However, I think it's great "blurb." :-)

    I'll definitely be checking the Valor website to see when your picture and what not will be posted.

  2. I think the part where it says "But Tom will have to rise above" doesn't transition right. Maybe a however, or even just take it out and say "Tom" but that feels abrupt... I don't know.

    Sorry I'm not much help...

  3. I like the picture on your blog!! Way cool.
    If you are NOT on Twitter yet, I suggest Twitter also. There are a TON of authors on Twitter. I'm Aquamarine76 on Twitter! Looking forward to getting to know you better!